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The competent team of the NEBO-Group offers advice to all waste legislation and procedural questions:
V.E.L. GmbH     
-National separator cleaning
-Sewer cleaning
-Industrial cleaning
-International waste transport with ADR
-Suction pressure tank trucks
-Walking Floor vehicles, water tight
-Taut liner     


VEL GmbH is your competent partner for the cleaning of sewers and pipeline systems as well as for the cleaning of separating plants and tank plants.


Our modern car pool consisting of suction-pressure tank trucks (sewer cleaner), high pressure cleaning trucks, inspecion vehicles, water tight walking floor and taught liners - all vehicles have ADR approval.


We offer you the complete service based on electronic verification from cleaning and syphoning of serwer canal and pipeline systems as well as the cleaning of separating plants and tank plants, respectively, to the proper recycling/disposal of the occuring residue. Our company as well as all our staff are trained and certified according to § 19 WHG  (Water Management Act) and SCC (Safety Certificate Contractors). 

As a waste disposal specialist VEL has all required approvals and licences in the area of collecting and transporting hazardous and non hazardous waste within Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and Austria.


Do not hesitate to contact us. We will deal with your query.

Sickingmühler Straße 122 · 45772 Marl
Telefon +49 (0) 23 65/92 47 30